Asiana Park View Resort

Cam Ranh, KH, VN

Asiana Park View Resort (a.k.a. APVR) starts with an ambitious dream and a complex vision of programs. As with many wonderful projects, it will experience substantial rigors of an elaborate design process. And ultimately APVR is destined to be a fantastic place for relaxing vacationers, thrill-seekers, and business travelers alike.

This destination resort project is unlike many others dream. It is anchored by a world-class 470 key, 4-star Hotel with all the luxurious amenities one can imagine. As one arrives on site through a beautiful grove of manicured landscapes, the Hotel is flanked by a 5000 m2 Casino on one side and a magnificent Convention Center on the other.

The 57-hectare site is centered around a 20-hectare Lake that will be a focal point for much of the project program in its surroundings. Lakeside and Riverfront Villas comprise a serene portion of the property along new waterways on site. There are 90 three-story Villa units in Modern California styles plus an impressive Clubhouse within the confines of the man-made river.

A future Hotel Stage-2 and several unique Amenities complete the project. There is an outdoor Wedding venue surrounded by lush landscape tucked away but nearby the Hotel. A floating seafood Restaurant is prominently visible from most of the Resort. There is also a water show that is featured inside or above the Lake visible to all the patrons of the Resort.

Asiana Park View Resort project is a culmination of comprehensive programming, forward thinking vision, and a true collaboration of Owner and Architect. The beautiful results of international design and meticulous details of the program will validate the timeless quality of the project venue over several generations to come.

Project Type: Hotels - Concept
Location: Cam Ranh, KH, VN
Number of Keys :470
Guestroom Types:5
Number of Stories :20